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Gait Analysis and Biomechanics


Assessing the joints and range of movement of the foot and ankle in more detail, looking at knee and hip alignment (where necessary) to ascertain what might be causing pain and / or problems on walking and looking at the best treatment option to help.  We use static and dynamic assessment using the Podosmart Gait Analysis system to asses your gait.  Following the detailed assessment, we will discuss all treatment options with you from orthotics to a multi disciplinary approach with a local physiotherapist practice.  Our aim is to get your pain free and moving again.

The assessment begins with looking at the range of movement of the joints of your foot and ankle, we then look at you standing and walking.  Following this, we use the PodoSmart computerised gait analysis system to really look in-depth at the way you walk.  We will then discuss everything with you in detail and work out the best treatment plan together to fit your lifestyle.

When attending for a Biomechanical Assessment, please wear loose comfy clothes (shorts and a t.shirt is ideal) and bring in 3-4 pairs of shoes / trainers that you wear on a regular basis for analysis and appraisal.  This helps us to create the best treatment outcome for your particular problem.

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