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Massage & Reflexology with Joy Kelly



Reflexology works on the reflex points of the feet and can help stress related problems, such as poor sleep patterns, headaches and anxiety. Research indicates that treatment boosts the body's immune system and may improve digestive problems, muscle pain, sinus pain and bring about a general sense of well-being. Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and clients usually benefit from becoming deeply rested and rejuvenated following their treatment.

During treatment, you will remain fully clothed while sitting or reclining on a couch with socks off so we can work on your feet and ankles. We will start with a foot massage and during the session, we will use a variety of reflexology techniques, with an emphasis on working on the parts of the feet appropriate to areas discussed during the consultation. The session ends with more foot massage.

Complementary therapies are now being accepted by medical professionals worldwide. Some of them prescribe reflexology treatment along with more conventional treatments to encourage the recovery process. 

Initial reflexology appointments will usually take approximately one hour and 15 minutes when Joy will complete a consultation form together with you and have a chat about any particular issues you would like to address. Subsequent treatments will normally be 45 minutes to an hour.

Massage therapy

Massage not only eases aches and pains in muscles and joints, it improves circulation and help boost the body's immune system - this is turn helps reduce stress levels and anxiety.

This treatment would typically involve a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by any combination of head / foot massage, arms, legs and hands. You may wish to guide the treatment on the day in order to address a particular problem area.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage treats the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, back, ears and face (optional) - areas which tend to hold tension, often caused by long periods in front of a computer, poor posture of an accumulation of emotional stress.

Joy will work on problem area to free muscular tension, ease stiffness and stimulate blood circulation, helping to relieve headaches, eyestrain and sinusitis. This treatment also encourages deeper breathing plus improve concentration and memory by helping to boost the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the brain.

Combination treatment

Joy is happy to provide a tailor made treatment using a combination of any of the above to suit your requirements. She can also provide a longer or shorter treatment as required.

The cost for reflexology, massage, Indian head massage or a combination is £45 for a one hour treatment and is made direct to Joy Kelly by cash / cheque. To book an appointment, please call 01943 863733 or Joy directly on 07963 637309, book online (from the treatments page) or book in the clinic. Please allow 1hr 15 mins for your initial appointment to include completion of the consultation form.

Joy is based at 29 Ashlands Road, Ilkley on Monday and Friday and often a further weekday

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