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A new Pod on the block!

LFW Podiatry is excited to introduce a new Podiatrist to the team.
After graduating from The University of Salford in 2021 and recently moving to Yorkshire, we were delighted when Vicky applied for the position.

Vicky has been part of our team for a little over a month and has quickly become an integral part of the group.
Appointment requests are increasing, and Vicky's additional support is warmly embraced. New patients have given Vicky 5-star reviews, and the feedback is truly delightful to receive.

We are thrilled with the positive impact Vicky has made in such a short time. Her dedication to providing exceptional care and building rapport with patients has not gone unnoticed. The warm reception from both existing and new patients speaks volumes about her professionalism and genuine desire to help others. As we continue to grow and strive for excellence in foot care services, Vicky's expertise and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to the LFW Podiatry team.

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Dermal Fillers for persistent corns

Lynda and Helen attend Dermal Filler training course.

If you have a stubborn corn causing you pain, consider Dermal Fillers as a solution. With treatment only required a 1-3 times a year, Dermal Fillers may be the answer.

One common reason for corns that persist is their placement on a part of your foot lacking natural cushioning.

Taking this into consideration, Lynda and Helen are now certified to address these regions with Dermal Fillers, forming a protective layer over the high-pressure area to avoid the corn from coming back.

Appointments for this treatment are coming soon!

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