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Surgical Procedures

If you are suffering from an ingrowing toenail or a persistent verruca, you may wish to consider a surgical procedure if you have tried other palliative methods that have failed to work.

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Ingrowing Toenail Surgery

Ingrowing toenails often occur due to poor fitting shoes, tight socks or simply nail shape.  On many occasions, an ingrowing toenail can be resolved without the need for surgery. However, for stubborn or persistent ingrowing nails that become painful or infected, we may advise surgery.  Ingrowing toenail surgery is available to remove one side of the nail, this procedure is called a partial nail avulsion  (PNA) or a total nail avulsion (TNA) to remove a full nail that has been troublesome.  Both procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic (LA) and take place at our Ilkley Clinic.  Before any surgery can take place, we would need you to book a consultation to assess the nail and to establish if surgery is suitable for you.  

Verruca Needling

Verruca needling works by causing what is known as a cell-mediated immune response at the affected area.  Verrucae forms because of the human papilloma virus or HPV infects the epidermis the outer layer of the skin.

Needling works by pushing the viral cells deeper into the dermal layer where immune cells are present, this triggers an immune response which directly target the verruca.  The lesion begins to deteriorate as the antibodies produced directly fight the infection.

This procedure is a treatment option when other non invasive options have failed to resolve the verruca.  The effectiveness is anywhere between 70 and 80% effective.

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