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Musculoskeletal and Biomechanics

It is uncommon for our left and right sides to be perfectly symmetrical. Furthermore, most of us have minor irregularities, like a twist in the pelvis, a bowed leg, or legs of different lengths. The Outcome?
As we stand, walk, or run, our bodies adjust and compensate for these imperfections. These compensations strain muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons as they adapt to abnormal or compromised movements. Eventually, these structures may become inflamed or injured. This page is dedicated to addressing muscle pain in the lower limbs . For general chiropody services, please click on the General Podiatry tab located at the top of the screen.

Our Services

Other Musculoskeletel Treatments

We address various pain areas individually once you become a registered patient. Click on the icons below to explore the services provided in our award-winning clinics.

Laser Therapy
Physiotherapy Programs
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